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Australian Digital Marketing is a Sydney-based agency offering a broad range of services such as web development, branding, SEO and digital marketing, web design, and e-commerce development.

Learn about our service offerings below and how we can be of help in your business growth. You can contact us so we can set an appointment for consultation.


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Australian Digital Marketing believes that the user-experience fundamental pieces are found in the design itself.

A good design has an over-all effect and feel to the audience and therefore, it should not merely be a word description.

Design is the cognizant strategy of the company that registers with the end consumer at an unconscious level. 


The developers in Australian Digital Marketing bring design to life from E-Commerce, all the way to Responsive Web Design.

Our websites and apps are HTML5 driven and SEO-friendly, following high standards. Magento, Drupal, Shopify, WordPress and Petashop are the world’s most powerful systems in content management.


Digital marketing is dependent on persuasive content and targeted messages and so, we carry out successful digital marketing campaigns.

This is a strategy to make sure that the right prospects are able to discover your business.

Through SEO content marketing, we ensure the traffic of visitors and new leads to your website.

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