Amazon Enhance Brand Content



We, at Australian Digital Marketing, exist to help brands and businesses in developing their contents in the most strategic ways, with special attention on long-term vitality as well as channel growth and optimization.


Our goal is to have a long-term profitability through the effective use of PPC approach which basically optimizes ad performance. We all know that the best way to get in touch with shoppers is through advertising solutions and strategic content.

This kind of e-commerce content strategy can lead to boost in sales, discoverability and traffic with the use of pay-per-click advertisements, branded shopping experience and also vital and excellent content.

By focusing on keyword volume, conversion rates and sales potential, we are able to identify content optimization chances. We also emphasize the benefits and details without compromising the voice of the brands.



Always consider competition, off-Amazon brand insights and as well as the current site traffic. This way, you can accordingly establish the goals, target audience and goals of your brand.


Your brand’s voice or influence relates to the products. Form it through evaluating your current content and that includes your branding, copy, website, images, and video photos.


One strategy to convert an audience into a buyer is through creating strategic and long-term content. It can amplify discoverability, maximize traffic and boost sales.


The groundwork in the thriving growth on Amazon is ‘discoverability’ and we are certainly knowledgeable of the keywords and terms that are most favorable in selling your product. Amazon Marketing Services carries out ad campaigns which are keyword-objected and created to boost traffic to the product pages of Amazon. Our expertise is driving demand while engaging a strategy to lower down the cost for click and raise the return on ad expend by thoroughly managing ads and campaigns.


It is important for brands to present their products in detailed text placements and high-quality images—it’s where EBC or Enhanced Brand Content can be very useful.  Using EBC efficiently can result into amplified discoverability, maximized traffic and increased sales.


  • Know the finest key features that you want to highlight on the shop page.
  • Customize the theme and layout to fortify the brand’s story.
  • The brand and catalog’s template must be developed. Develop
  • Monitor the feedbacks and results as they can serve as basis for future growth and improvement.


In order for your brand to increase its sales, we always know the most effective ways to build up search-optimized content that could serve as a platform for your brand. We make sure to identify crucial factors that entice customers to visit the page where they can have momentous shopping experience.